What Is Black Garlic And Its Benefits.

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Black Garlic: Garlic made better

Do you like black garlic flavoring or any dish that has garlic in it?

One of the most amazing and most delicious ingredients in this world is garlic. It is something used in meals for thousands of years.

It gives food a different taste to it and introduces you to a whole new world, to be very honest.

Have you ever wondered if there are other types of garlic beside the white one? Yes there are..

In the supermarket and in everyday life, white garlic is the one you would usually find.

However, there is actually such a thing called black garlic and people have been raving about it. If you haven’t heard about it before, you might just be missing something in your life.

The trends nowadays would include food that people find interesting.

If black garlic is trending, then it must have piqued the interest of a lot of people.

In case you are interested in the black garlic, I have listed reasons on why you should try it.

What is black garlic?

If you are not aware of what black garlic is, then today is the right time!

Black garlic is found in menus everywhere, but the truth is it´s not something new.

It is used for a lot of things like flavoring and even medical purposes.

It is a product of aging normal white garlic bulbs over a certain period of time.

You see, unlike normal white garlic, black garlic is something that does not grow as it is.

If you think to add something to white garlic for it to become black, it isn’t that either.

Here is the simple method to prepare black garlic with help of oven.

Its usually created with white garlic processed into an oven.

nside of this oven, you would put temperature and humidity level in constant.

Later you produce the black garlic from the white one over a specific amount of time.

Note:The chemical process that occurs is called the Mallaird reaction and it is something that has been around for years.

It is like how you would caramelize the food when you are cooking.

It would involve chemical reaction in the amino acids as well as the reducing sugar.

Note: The distinct color of the black garlic comes from the compound melanoidin.

As for its flavor, you should expect it to taste a little earthy and packed with more umami,

Black garlic benefits

White garlic does have its benefits, that’s for sure but do you know what’s even more amazing?

You got it right, black garlic is certainly the key.

It is something that you really should no longer be missing out upon.

It is not only delicious, but it is something that can be really beneficial to your health.

Here are some of the benefits of black garlic that are sure not to just wow you but make you realize that you indeed need it in your life.

1. Immune system booster

Are you the type of person who easily gets sick?

Are you a person who forget an umbrella one day and suddenly there’s rain, so you got a bit drenched, then the next day, you had to call in sick for work?

That implies one thing, your immune system might be weak.

Thus, you need to improve your immune system and you can do this by taking in supplements or getting the nutrients you need from food.

Garlic itself is known to help, in general, to boost the immune system because of certain properties it has like its antiparasitic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral ones that would fight the germs or any foreign substances that may enter your body.

With, black garlic you can achieve similar results, though not as stronger but for people who can’t tolerate white garlic but can eat black garlic, then this is the solution to get the same benefits for your body.

By incorporating black garlic in your meals, you are going to boost your immunity against flavour bacteria and germs so you can live a healthier and fuller life.

2. Heals your liver from alcohol damage

Do you like drinking alcohol?

Are you someone who regularly drinks alcohol or are you someone who just drinks on social occasions?

However, drinking too much of alcohol can actually damage your liver in a permanent sense and that is when you will start suffering from liver diseases.

A lot of people have died due to liver failure and you surely do not want to be included in them.

The good news is that scientists have had positive results that with the help of black garlic, you can actually reduce the inflammation of your liver and it can even reverse the damage that alcohol has done on it.

Thus, it is something that you can try out if you feel like you have a problem with your liver.

3. Antioxidant levels

If you have ever heard of antioxidants then you would know that it is actually something that is good for your body, because it helps you become a whole lot healthier by removing the bad substances inside of you.

Thus, having a high level of antioxidants inside your body is actually going to be really helpful for you in the long run, especially as you grow older and become more prone to getting sick.

A study back in 2009, shows that black garlic actually has a whole lot more antioxidants than white ones.

Thus, diets with black garlic is known to help you in improving resistance to insulin.

This is the same antioxidants that would protect your cells from any damage and would delay the obvious signs of ageing. Thus, you can look younger for a long period of time through a diet that would have black garlic in it.

There is also one study that revealed that the antioxidant level of black garlic is actually twice as that of white garlic. It is said that it is through the fermentation process that the amounts of antioxidants get doubled so that the potency of the black garlic is much higher.

In short, you are going to get more benefits in terms of antioxidants, when you eat black garlic instead of the normal one.

Also, the level of antioxidant in black garlic is said to help in a lot of chronic ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Improve level of cholesterol

There is bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, you might have heard of both by now.

These are the levels you really need which are represented by HDL and LDL.

This would simply mean that you should keep your HDL, also known as your good cholesterol in high levels while keeping your LDL, also known as your bad cholesterol, down, as much as you possibly can.

Lowering your LDL but not increasing your HDL is not the solution to your problems. And that is exactly what medication would help you with because keeping your LDL and your HDL at an optimal level is very important to make sure you reduce the risk of having a heart disease.

Black garlic has been subjected to a lot of research and tests and is known to help out when it comes to cholesterol issues.

Findings: A study that has been done in Korea last 2014 shows that taking in black garlic extracts for about 12 weeks or three months can increase your HDL and significantly decrease your LDL. It is also known to help you out to decrease the allpoprotein B in your blood lips which is an indicator of having a heart disease.

Thus, it would really be very advantageous for you to include black garlic in your every day life, if you think about it thoroughly.

5. Reduces inflammation

One thing that black garlic seems to have a lot of S-allyl cysteine and this is one popular anti-inflammatory substance.

This is why research shows that black garlic can help you to reduce any inflamed part of your body and any inflammation that you may have.

This is just one of the many wonders of black garlic and this is certainly a good reason as to why a lot of people has been into it for so many years.

6. Allergy relief

Don’t you just hate it when you have allergies and you keep on sneezing without control?

Or when your nose turns red just because you allergy is not cooperating with you?

How about the blotches you get when you eat something that you didn’t know you were allergic to?

Allergies can even be dangerous to some people and that is certainly something that is important to take note of.

This is because some allergic reactions can cause people to narrow the passage for airway and can make them stop breathing or have a hard time breathing altogether and that is certainly something that is life-threatening, so it is something that they have to be careful of.

Findings: In a study done in Korea, it is said that extract of black garlic can actually help when it comes to your allergic reactions.

Imagine not having to suffer through the blotches you get when your allergies act up or that Rudolph red nose you sport because you keep on sneezing. Black garlic might just be the solution you need, and you have nothing to lose unless you are allergic to garlic so why not try it out then?

7. Prevent colon cancer

There is no cure for cancer as of today and truth be told, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and it has killed millions of people all over.

Cancer is something that has taken away so many lives that scientists are still trying to find a way to help out.

The truth is prevention is really better than cure as a lot of diseases, not just cancer has proven to be true.

Prevent it now and not have to worry about it in the future.

One of the many types of cancer that can be deadly is colon cancer. It is the type that is a silent killer and whose symptoms are only going to manifest when it’s already in the late stages.

This is why it is best to prevent it instead. If you are up to preventing cancer, then you might as well go for black garlic.

Findings: A study shows that black garlic has the potential to actually prevent this illness by inhibiting the unwanted growth of the pathway that can lead to the said type of cancer.

8. Raw is better

This would definitely depend on your taste and your preference but a lot of people who have tried black garlic before has been saying that eating black garlic raw is something that you can consider to be a treat.

The problem would be for those who do not like raw garlic. There are a lot of benefits of consuming it uncooked, so it is really something that you have to figure out.

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Final Thoughts

Best way to enjoy black garlic is including it with other foods.

Black garlic is a refreshing and healthier option indeed since it is a whole lot sweeter and does not have that kind of spicy aftertaste.

Also, it would not make your breath smell bad after eating it and that is definitely a big advantage when you think about it so you might as well give it a try and see for yourself.

I will be writing more about how to prepare black garlic recipes in next article. Stay tuned!

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