What Is A Pescatarian Diet And Its Benefits

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History Of Pescatarian Diet

The Pescatarian diet was started hundreds and thousands of years ago, by a Greek mathematician named Pythagoras, who only ate plants.

Back then, Pescatarians were called Pythagoreans.

The Pescatarian diet was started hundreds and thousands of years ago, by a Greek mathematician named Pythagoras, who only ate plants. Back then, Pescatarians were called Pythagoreans.

Pescatarianism didn’t reach the United States until the year of 1971 when Frances Moore Lappe wrote the book called Diet for a Small Planet.

Lappe attended school at UC Berkeley, where he eventually dropped out of graduate school to do his own studies on the hunger of the world and the issues along with it.

At the age of 26, he wrote this book, in order to persuade humans of the earth to stop eating meat and to halt the waste of our world’s food.

What is a Pescatarian Diet?

There are many reasons someone would decide to go Pescatarian, usually it is more of a lifestyle than a diet. Many people believe that it is beneficial to them not only due to health benefits, but also that they are saving animals.

These diets are known for being lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, so this could cause them to weight loss, which would also be a purpose of going on this diet.

The diet is pretty simple to follow; you must not eat meat, and fill up your plate with vegetables, fruits, and substitutes for meat.

People who follow this diet can do this easily, for you just have to stay away from meat. Many use tofu as a replacement, up their intake of supplements to compensate for the deficiency of protein from meats.

Pescatarian Diet Explained

In order to become a Pescatarian, you have to follow simple rules.

You have to become Vegetarian!

As stated above, you must cut out meat from your meals, including fish, unless you are a flexitarian, in which you may chow down on a steak or burger when craving.

Pescatarian followers must eat a large variety of foods including eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and dairy products. This diet isn’t necessarily expensive to follow; however, you may be limited to fast food options, if that is how you choose to eat.

Meat is usually pretty expensive in grocery stores, so people following this meal could save some money.


 According to the research of the American Dietetic Association, they took a nationwide poll in 2006, concluding that “approximately 2.3%” followed a Pescatarian diet consistently.

However, even though that is a small number that was 11 years ago. Pescatarian Times took a poll, where they found that 7.3 million Americans are following the Pescatarian diet today.

If you were to go to a restaurant, there usually are many Pescatarian options listed on the menu, and at some, there is even a separate menu for pescatarians. 59% of Pescatarians are female, whereas 41% are male (According To The Reports From Pescatarian Times).

The diet is not necessarily directed toward any type of group, but according to statistics, females are more likely to be Pescatarians than men. However, Pescatarian diets are recommended for all at any time in life, including pregnancy, childhood, athletes, lactation, and adolescence.

Pescatarian Diet Benefits

  • Pescatarians may have health advantages such as low blood cholesterol, low risks of heart disease, low blood pressure, decreased risk for hypertension and type 2 diabetes.
  • Pescatarians are known for having low cancer rates and lower BMI than meat eaters.
  • The Pescatarian diet also claims to have lower risks of chronic diseases.
  • They tend to have high levels of vitamins and minerals needed by the body, including magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C and E, folate, and many phytochemicals.
  • Pescatarian foods are higher in fibre, pescatarians therefore have good blood lipid levels, compared to nonPescatarians
  • There were studies that prove that there is a lower rate of pescatarians having hypertension, a lower rate of diabetes, a very low rate of obesity, and data shows that pescatarians have a lower cancer rate overall

According to the research I have found, the claims that people make about pescatarians are mostly proven true.

However, there is research that suggests that not everything mentioned might be valid for pescatarians with different metabolic activities.

Few Adverse Findings

  • Pescatarians sometimes do not receive enough micronutrients that the body is supposed to get. Even though they are less, pescatarians do not receive enough vitamin B-12, calcium, and zinc.
  • All these micronutrients can be found in meats; therefore, they do not get these nutrients in their everyday diet. Meat also contains protein, in which Pescatarians do not always get the correct amount of protein they need.
  • However, they can get their needs for protein through other foods, such as peanut butter, beans, and soy products.
  • In regards to carbohydrates, it is known that Pescatarians who are pregnant receive more carbohydrates than nonPescatarian pregnant women.
  • Pescatarians are encouraged to take supplements in order to receive the right amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients that the body needs to survive.

Pescatarian Diet Plans

Breakfast- Eggs, skim milk, 1 cup of oatmeal

Snacks– Strawberries, water, almonds

Lunch- Veggie burger on whole-wheat toast, with fatfree cheese on it, skim milk, side salad

Dinner– Sweet and sour tofu, brown rice, steamed broccoli

I have listed below few of the reviews from the people who have tried the pescatarian diet and what they have to say..

Review 1:

Normally if I asked someone to give up meat, they would probably look at me funny and tell me I’m crazy right?

But what if I told you that you can get all the healthy and ethical benefits with a pescatarian diet.

Now for about 2 years, I was a non vegetarian and for about another 2 years I’ve been a pescatarian and so far it’s been one of the best decisions of my life.

While I was a vegetarian for those 2 years I noticed I felt a bit sluggish and I even gained a few pounds during those years. Now that’s not to say being a vegetarian will make you weak and gain weight, but it’s just to say it’s not necessary for everyone.

Review 2:

After doing some research I realized I was eating too much bread and way too much soy. My protein intake was fine in case anyone was wondering but since I felt like I didn’t have options to eat out like my peers and family members did I opted for foods like fries if I was eating at a fast food place or pasta if I ate at a restaurant or something.:

Well, today I am going to tell you why being a pescatarain can drastically increase your health, and help animals and people, all while still eating most of the foods you love without all the negatives.

A vegetarian is somebody who does not eat any type of animal including fish if you count it as meat. But a pescatarian is someone who also does not eat animals except for fish.

I believe this type of diet is the easiest form of vegetarianism and you still get all the health benefits, vegetarian or vegan would get such as reduced fats in their diet and lowering cholesterol.

On top, you’re still making a small effort in contributing to the greater good of humanity.

Review 3

When I decided to cut meat from my diet it was mainly for health reasons and then it turned into ethical reasons later on. I first started off as a vegetarian and I did it by going completely cold turkey.

It lasted for about two years and within those two years I noticed myself getting bigger around my abdominal area. After evaluating some of the things I ate and doing some unbiased research on vegetarianism, I realized that I was eating way too many meat substitutes and way too much bread, which they’ll give you in non-vegetarian friendly places.

Now I’m not speaking for everyone when I say that being a vegetarian or being a vegan is hard, I’m simply saying that if you’re like me and you have a job and go to school and have somewhat of a social life being a HEALTHY vegetarian can get hard at times.

            When I finally decided to include fish into my diet my options for eating out became a lot broader. I could eat fish now; I didn’t have to worry about my b12 or protein intake as much, and I still felt like I was doing the right thing in regards to not supporting factory farms and the unethical treatment of animals and workers.

But keep in mind those are just my reasons.

When you become a pescatarian you have less cravings for meat since your substituting it with something a bit similar. You can even use this as a stepping-stone in going vegetarian if you really wanted to.

I’m kind of a special case since I did it backwards. But being a pescatarain also gives you a bit more options when eating out that is more beneficial for your health.

Health is one of the main reasons people choose to become a pescatarian. It’s the main reason I chose it.

Final Thoughts on Pescatarian Diet

While being a vegetarian or vegan comes with so many great benefits it’s not exactly the easiest thing for everyone to do every day.

Although its altimetry good for your health when done correctly ,it takes a little bit of research and some great self discipline to do the right way. 

If you become a vegetarian your options when eating out might decrease and you might end up eating things that aren’t exactly the best for your health. Also most people grew up eating meat so getting rid of the cravings can be a bit difficult.             In conclusion, the Pescatarian diet has many benefits that go along with it, with many health advantages and ways to lose weight, all while keeping animals safe from harm.

In my opinion, I believe that the Pescatarian diet is good for anyone, however, since meat is a vital part of getting nutrients, one must prepare for this diet.

You should probably put together things in advance as to what you would eat for dinner, because not many fast food places have Pescatarian options available. There is no one that I would not recommend this diet to, besides myself, only because I am not a veggie lover, and I love a good burger.

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