Okra And Its Benefits On Diabetes

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As you all know, I am having type 2 diabetes and I am using Okra as one of my medicine in daily routine. Today I’m going to respond to all your queries related to diabetes and okra.

Is okra good for diabetes?

Okra’s having the great probability of being a food with bad taste but its health benefits are truely awesome.

A number of people do not like the way it tastes and assume that okra water produces some kind of unbearable odour.

However, okra is in fact extremely nutritious and filled with health advantages.

In today’s article, I am going to discuss okra’s health advantages, and share my knowledge on how an okra water recipe can help you control blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol to keep you out of danger.

Where can okra be found/grown?

Okra is one of the most healthy vegetables in the world. Just 30 calories in a 100 grams Okra includes a very healthy amount of vitamins A, B complex and C.

Okra is a staple in much of the south. A few of you are wondering what okra is, so I will try to describe it.

The main reason okra is probably more popular in the south than in the north is that it grows much easier in warmer environments.

Okra is a terrific source of dietary fibre.

Okra peels and okra powder have in fact been studied and revealed to be a rather powerful supplement for many of the nutrients found within the pod.

They make okra water, utilize the peel and even grind up the seeds to make okra powder.

It is in the very same plant household as cotton and hibiscus. When you hear someone speak about okra, they are generally speaking about the edible seed pods of the okra plant.

In some countries they call okra “ladies fingers” and I can see why they look somewhat like some ladies fingers who are green and wrinkly. Okra can be fried, experienced with a little salt or as I like it best, include a little Old Bay to it.

A very popular method to consume okra is to barbecue it.

Okra as a medicine on diabetes

Consuming okra helps you lose weight That sticky liquid present in the okra is in fact called mucilage.

It’s abundant in fibers and keeps you full for longer periods of time.

Okra is great for people with diabetes Studies carried out with okra have actually shown that it can decrease blood sugar and lipid levels. Okra is abundant in fibers and mucilage, which can minimize cholesterol.

Use okra water if you are diabetic

Okra is great for people with diabetes Studies carried out with okra have actually shown that it can lower blood sugar and lipid levels.

The best way to consume okra is through okra water.

Eating okra assists you lose weight ,

That sticky liquid present in the okra is really called mucilage.

Now that you know a little about okra’s benefits, we’re going to share a good method to consume this plant and advantage from its residential or commercial properties.

The finest method to consume okra is through okra water.

Active ingredients

  • 4 pieces of okra.
  • 200 millilitres of water.


  • Cut off the ends of the okra pieces and toss them away.
  • Soak in water overnight.
  • Drink in the morning straight away(even before brushing your teeth) after removing okra pieces.

This okra water dish that assists manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and can even help you lose weight.

I hope this addressed your concern is okra good or bad for diabetes.

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