How to lose weight on a vegan diet

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How to lose weight on vegan diet?

People are often asking themselves – what is the best way to lose some extra weight? That’s one of the biggest questions nowadays since we are living in a world where people are paying attention to their physique since that can influence their lifestyle, sometimes their work and especially their health…

There are a lot of diets that people are trying nowadays… Some diets can help you to lose weight temporarily. Some of them could seriously put you in danger when it comes to your health. And, of course, there are some of them that can actually help you to lose weight permanently and to improve your health and lifestyle.

 One of the most popular diets today is a vegan diet. Veganism became a huge movement in the past few years. There are millions of people all over the world who became vegans… Some of them for ethical reasons, such as not killing animals for meat or animal products. Others for health reasons, since vegan diet contains a lot of healthy groceries. So, you are probably asking yourself – is it possible to actually lose weight when you’re on a vegan diet?

According to some recent studies and people’s experiences, a vegan diet could really help you to lose weight. Since vegans don’t eat meat, dairy products, eggs and fish (and we all know how many calories one burger has) you’ll be reducing the number of calories on a daily basis just by cutting out junk food from your life. So instead of eating meat, you will eat a high-fiber food that has significantly less-calories but keeps you full and satisfied…

 But be careful-going on a vegan diet is not easy, and there a lot of rules you should follow… Even if you’re going vegan and not eating high-calorie food, you should pay attention to what you’re eating.

In general, vegan food is healthier and has fewer calories, but not necessarily. The most important thing is to stay healthy. When you’re on a vegan diet you need to cut out the meat, which means that you are cutting out the biggest source of protein for your body, so you need to make it up to it somehow.

By not eating animal products you are also losing Vitamin B. Vitamin B is a very important vitamin for your health, since his loss could lead you to several health problems, such as anemia… So you need to take vitamins aside, eat cereals and soy products that are vitamin-fortified and you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

There is also a possibility of a so-called “yoyo effect“, especially if you’re on a vegan diet just to lose weight, and not for ethical reasons. That means that you were probably going back someday to your standard nutritive plan, if you get tired of it or if you simply can’t keep up with it because it’s not easy. That could lead eventually to some fast weight gaining and some serious health problems, so you need to be careful with that part of the process . Either way, you should think twice before you start with the vegan diet because you need to give up on a lot of things that you’re probably eating every day.

Vegan diet

Here are some steps you could follow in order to do this right or to try to make it easier and more efficient:

  • Vegan food pyramid checkout-the first thing that you need to do is to learn and understand what vegan food actually is… We all know that vegans eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, soy products, but the important thing to start with is to learn how many calories each of that food has.

Based on your metabolism, you will be able to define the amount of each food product you need to stay full and satisfied and to control your weight. On the other side, you shouldn’t take it too seriously. Every metabolism is different and every person is different. Some of us need more of beans, for example, than the pyramid is recommending… And that’s why you don’t need to go hard on yourself and stick to it completely, you could adjust it according to your own needs. The important thing is to follow the list of various food products from the pyramid, to stay healthy and not hungry. Because when you’re hungry, you’re certainly not happy!

Eat a lot of green vegetables (broccoli, kale, bok choy) because they will give a lot of good vitamins and they are also full with calcium, which is crucial when it comes to weight loss. When it comes to grains, you should consider eating only whole grains. You could eat them as much as you like, since they are really healthy, filled with important nutrients, such as Vitamin B, which we mentioned as a very important vitamin!

Whole grains will give you more energy, they will keep your blood sugar more balanced and give you the fullness and satisfaction you need. Be careful, we are not talking about white grains, such as pasta and white rice. If they are not whole grains, they won’t help you to lose weight!

When it comes to soy products you should pay attention-even though those products could be a replacement for actual meat and dairy products, they could be full with fat and sodium, which won’t help you to lose weight. So, you should moderate their consumption and always buy organic products.

There are also healthy fats that will give a lot of energy and also keep you full and satisfied, such as olive oil, avocado, and nut butter, so don’t be afraid to eat them.

  •  Eat a lot of vegan proteins-even though you’re not eating meat, you still need your proteins to be healthy and strong… When you’re on a vegan diet the best source of proteins are nuts, so don’t hesitate to eat them on a daily basis. They are really healthy and full with vegan protein, especially raw nuts. You could eat them toasted to, it’s tastier that way. You could also eat beans, peas, tofu, quinoa, lentils since they represent great sources of plant proteins.
  • Be careful with sugar-no matter what you’re eating, no matter what diet you are on, sugar is one thing that you should try to avoid as much as you can because it won’t help you at all, even if it’s sweet and delicious.

Let’s take fruit juice, for example. Even if it’s made of fruit, which is healthy for your body and full with vitamins, you should avoid drinking it… Juices are fulll with sugar that goes straight to your body and makes it harder for you to lose weight. You should simply eat raw fruits. That way you will get the sugar you need to be satisfied, which won’t harm you as much as juice will.

 The same rules apply to smoothies, which are considered as healthy drinks. You should avoid them as well since they contain a lot of calories. Sodas are definitely a no since they are also full of sugar and certainly not healthy…

 So, there is only one conclusion-water is the best drink to consume if you want to lose weight. You could drink as much water as you want, it’s healthy and without calories and it will keep you hydrated. If you don’t like plain water that much, you could add a little bit of fresh lemon or lime juice in it, just to make it taste better.

The situation is the same when it comes to vegan desserts… Even if it’s vegan and plant-based it’s still full of sugar and bad for your weight loss. Everybody loves desserts, but if you want to lose weight you should definitely give up on desserts. So, you should forget about vegan cookies and eat raw fruit instead. It’s not the same, but it could make up the sugar that you need on a daily basis.

  • Learn to control your portions-also one of the important things when it comes to all types of diets, which includes a vegan diet as well. If you want to lose weight on a vegan diet you must control your portions and try not to exaggerate with the amount of food you put in your plate and eat for one meal…

Vegan food could be your enemy if you eat too much of it. You should be moderate and eat enough, not too much. If you eat too much of it your organism will digest it slower, which is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to losing your weight. You want to digest faster, so think about it and control yourself.

You should also try to have meals at the same time every day. That way you and your body will get used to a certain rhythm that will help your body to digest better.

There are a lot of different types of more or less similar diets that could actually help you to lose weight, so we should check some of them.

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarians, same as vegans, don’t eat meat, but some of them eat dairy products and eggs (lacto-ovo vegetarians), some eat only dairy or only eggs (lactovegetarians and ovo-vegetarians) and there are vegetarians who eat fish and seafood as well (pescatarian).

When it comes to a diet and a weight loss, the situation is maybe harder for them since they had a wider choice of food to eat, and some of them won’t help them to lose weight. The most important thing is to be careful with your intake of calories because vegetarian food could also be your enemy if you want to lose weight and stay healthy…

 When it comes to dairy products and eggs, you should specifically pay attention to calories, since cheese, fried and scrambled eggs could have a lot of calories and useless fat that will sabotage your weight loss. You should stick to lowfat cheese and yogurts, egg whites and some boiled eggs, if you want to make your toast taste better, but don’t exaggerate with it. You should also be careful with vegetarian baked treats, pizzas, and cookies since they contain butter and eggs.

Even if it’s vegetarian it’s still full o calories and it’s not your friend. That’s one of the hardest things for vegetarians… They are allowed to eat that delicious food (such as pizza Margherita, for example), but it won’t make a difference if it’s vegetarian… It would be the same as if you ate a pizza with pepperoni, so if you want to treat yourself once in a while you should do it… But just be careful and don’t make a habit of it. It’s the same when it comes to snacks, you should avoid it completely because those calories are not good for your weight, nor for your health.

You should definitely avoid fried foods, such as french fries, fried fish and seafood. If you’re a pescatarian you should eat boiled or grilled fish, with a bit of olive oil, which it’s a good source of fat for your body. You shouldn’t completely deprive yourself of fats since your body needs them to function, but fried food is not one of them. Nuts and seeds, avocado, olives, and some low-fat cheese will give your body fats and you won’t be gaining weight.

 So, when you’re going vegetarian it means that you will mostly eat salads since they are based on vegetables or fruits. There are some things that you should pay attention to- condiments and dressings. Even if it tastes better when it’s topped with cheese or some creamy dressing, it will make your salad full of calories, so you should avoid dressings as much as you can. You could put a little bit of balsamic vinegar and your salad would be just as tasty as with some high-calorie condiment, such as mayonnaise or ketchup. 

When it comes to carbohydrates and proteins, the diet is pretty much the same as for vegans, a lot of green veggies, fruits, whole grain foods, nuts, and beans. When it comes to drinks, water is the key, and you should stay away from sodas, juices and fruit smoothies. If you want to boost your organism, you could drink a healthy celery juice in the morning, which will detox your body and give you the strength that you need to go through the day.

Water diet

Maybe one of the most extreme diets, the water diet is actually what you think it is-you drink water and only water. Which means that you are not eating any food what so ever. There are a couple of different types of water diets but mostly is all about drinking at least a half your body weight in ounces.

The most extreme one is a water fasting, which is literary just drinking water for a couple of days. Depending on your health condition you will decide how long this diet will last for. Water fasting is usually considered as a part of a ritual cleansing for religious or spiritual reasons… It could be good for your health if you’re suffering from some serious diseases, but it could be very dangerous as well, so you should look for the advice from a medical professional first.

When it comes to weight loss, that will certainly happen, since your body will be burning your fats and use them as a fuel, and at the same time, you won’t be eating anything. It maybe sounds like an easy thing to do, but it’s not for everyone.

Some of the side effects could be weakness, dizziness, and nausea since you won’t be eating at all. You should really consider it before you try it, and if you’re suffering from some chronical disease, you should definitely talk to your doctor first. 

There are some lighter versions of this diet… Some includes eating fruit alongside the water drinking, eating vegetables after a few days of only water drinking, but all of those water diets could be bad for your health… And there is a possibility that they could lead you to a fast weight gain after the diet is over….

 You should definitely drink water as much as you could, you could follow the method that consists in drinking two cups of water before every meal, which could help you to digest your food better and faster.

You should drink right after you wake up, you could drink it right after every meal as well, and also after a workout, when your body needs it the most.

There is also a cold water diet since cold water burns calories faster. Bottom line is that you should drink a lot of water on a daily basis to stay hydrated and flush the toxins out of your body, but if you want to lose weight, you could find an easier way to do it than a water diet.

Fruit diet

One of the popular diets nowadays is the so-called fruit diet, which is the diet that stands behind the whole movement known as “fruitarianism“. It means that you could eat only raw fruit, sometimes nuts and seeds or seeded fruits (cucumber, tomatoes, avocado). Food in their natural state basically, nothing cooked or processed.

Some fruit lovers would think that this diet is an easy one to follow… You can eat as much sweet and delicious fruit as you want and you don’t need to cook and prepare meals… But it’s not that great as it seems, especially if you’re used to eating a lot of different kinds of food every day, since this diet contains only one type of food to eat-raw fruit. Fruit is healthy for your organism, but is it enough to keep your strong, full and to give you enough energy to do your everyday activities?

Even though fruit is full of a lot of useful vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, it has no proteins, fats and vitamin B, which are very important for your health, so this diet could be harmful… Especially if you’re suffering from diabetes or an insulin resistance, because it’s full of sugar which could seriously damage you.

On the other side, the fruit will give you the energy you need, and you won’t feel hungry, but not for long. You could have some serious cravings since you won’t be eating much of real food (read-nothing).

 Your metabolism would slow down because you won’t be eating everything that you need. You could feel tired at some point and a little bit loosey, so you probably won’t be able to exercise and have as many activities as you’re used to during the day.

 If you want to try this diet, it would be better to try it only for a couple of days, just to detox your body a little bit and then to go back to your normal routine or to some other diet that could help you to lose weight. Fruit diet will help you to drop a few pounds, that’s for sure, but it wouldn’t be as healthy as some other diets that have a bigger variety of food to eat. If you still want to try it, you should allow yourself to eat some seeds with all the fruit. It will be a little bit easier and healthier. Either way, you should consult with your doctor before you start with this diet because it’s not that simple and it could put you in serious danger. 

Heart-healthy diet

The most important organ in our body is our heart, which pumps blood through our organism and makes it function, so we need to take care of our heart… If you want to drop a couple of pounds and take care of your heart, you could try a heart-healthy diet. This diet is not so strict as some other diets, you have a wide range of healthy food you could eat, as long as you pay attention to your portion size and eat it with moderation.

As for many other diets, this one includes a lot of vegetables and fruits, since they are good for your body, low on calories and rich in fiber, which could help you to lose weight, and it could also prevent some serious heart diseases.

When it comes to fats, you should try to eliminate trans fats, since those fats could give you cholesterol, and stick to some good fats, such as olive oil, canola oil, avocados. Those fats will give you the energy that you need, and you won’t be gaining weight.

Since you’re not on a vegan diet, you would be able to eat meat and fish and get your proteins from them. It’s recommendable to eat cold water fish (such as salmon and herring) and poultry. You should avoid red meat since it has more fats and it can be bad for your cholesterol.

If you want to eat less meat, you should stick to legumes, beans, and lentils, and you won’t be missing your proteins. You could also eat low-fat dairy products, such as low-fat cheese, skim milk and low-fat yogurt.

The important thing to pay attention to is a level of sodium in your food… Since sodium is not good for your heart you should avoid it completely, but if you’re used to salty food you should consider sea salt or some other condiments that could make your food taste better.

You should be careful with canned and processed food, it’s full of sodium which could be a risk factor for high blood pressure and some cardiovascular diseases.

Either way, you should eat everything with moderation if you want to lose weight and stay healthy. This diet won’t harm you, so could follow it for as long as you like.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean-style cooking is known worldwide for its great recipes and tasty food, but also as a heart-healthy diet that could actually help you to lose weight permanently while enjoying and eating a lot of different and delicious food…

This diet is pretty much the same as a previous heart-healthy diet that we talked about. Plan-based food is the most important, so you could as many vegetables and fruits as you want and need. Since Italians and Greeks are known for their delicious pasta and bread, you should know that this diet considers only whole grain pasta and bread, which have fewer calories and trans fats, and will help you with your weight loss.

Since they love to eat their bread they will dip it in extra virgin olive oil. It tastes delicious and It’s very healthy, since olive oil, especially this one, contains healthy fats, which could help you to reduce your cholesterol level.

You should stick to a handful of nuts as a snack, so you should probably forget about ice cream and cookies if you want to lose weight. You’re allowed to eat fish and poultry at least 2 or 3 times a week, it will be a good source of your proteins.

Fish is very important when it comes to this diet because it’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, especially salmon, tuna, sardines, and herring, which could be easily found in the Mediterranean area… You should avoid red meat, especially high-calorie products such as bacon, or you could eat it once in a while but only in small portions.

You should eat low-fat dairy products, cheese and milk, and sometimes ice cream if you can’t resist it…

One amazing thing about Mediterranean food is a wide range of tasty spices and condiments, that could replace salt. You should try oregano, basil, garlic and so on. These spices will make your meals delicious and at the same time healthy.

And there is one more thing that is probably the best thing about this diet-you’re allowed to drink red wine every day with your meal. Alcohol, when consumed with moderation, could reduce the risk of heart diseases, especially red wine. So you could enjoy it, but only with moderation. If you have a family history of alcohol abuse, you should definitely forget about it and stick to water as the healthiest drink. 

This diet will certainly help you with your weight loss, but since is really healthy and tasty you could consider switching to it permanently if you want to keep your heart and your body healthy and strong.

Yogurt diet

In the sea of different diets, there is one that could help you to lose weight and take care of your digestive system… Since you will be eating a lot of yogurts, with an addition of some vegetables and fruits, you will be having the protein and calcium that your body needs. At the same time you will rebalance your gut health, which is surely good for you.

But, eating only yogurt for a long period of time could lead to weight gain actually, so you should be careful with it. If you want to try this diet, you could stick with it for a couple of days. Then go back to some healthier and wider range diet since this one could become boring for you at some point…

You should eat only low-fat yogurt, with the addition of some nuts and plant-based food just to keep it varied as much as you could. You should watch your portions and keep them small.

All of these diets would be useless unless you exercise and take care of your body. You could be vegan, drink only water or eat fruit, but either way, without any workout you won’t be doing much.

If you want to stay healthy, lose weight permanently and feel strong and beautiful, you must exercise at least 2 times a week to be able to see a real change and to really feel better. Diets could help you to lose weight faster than the only exercise, some of them are not good for you for a long period of time, and that’s one of the main reasons to start with your workout even before you start with your diet!

So, pack your things, bring your bottle of water with you and go to the gym or go for a run, and only after that first step you could consider going on a diet.

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