Hi, I am Nick, the blogger as you might say.

I have started Day mantra as a blog dedicated to well being of the people. I have seen some changes in my life when going through the good and worst days of my life.

However, it has taught me a lot about how we can unfold the truths about life. This blog is an idea for the people who are going through physical as well as spiritual challenges they have.

To start with I will focus mostly on the physical aspects and as we move along, I will add more about the spiritual aspect.

There will be three sections of this Blog.

DietMantra – Dedicated to well-researched Diets to help us all.

FitnessMantra – Dedicated to the fitness aspects of the people.

Spiritual Mantra – Dedicated all the spiritual aspects including how to control your lows.

Enjoy this blog, and leave your suggestions to help it improve.

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.